Discord Multi Blackl

20.00 USD

Delta Discord Multi Blacklist

Introducing a brand new advanced discord role blacklist script for FiveM! This script is useful for vMenu servers which use discordAcePerms as its all discord permission based. Fully configurable and allows for multiple cars per blacklist group, different blacklist groups, multiple roles per blacklist group, weapon blacklist, and Ped blacklists! 



- Bypass system to bypass certain users from the script (Config Based)

- Different Blacklist Groups 

- Multiple cars per blacklist group

- Multiple roles per blacklist group

- Unlimited Blacklists

- Weapon Blacklist

- Ped Blacklist



The product will be visible in your key master upon purchase, please allow up to 10 minutes for the payment to be processed.

This script is protected by the CFX.re Escrow system.