Grave Robbing

20.00 USD

Delta Grave Robbing

Introducing Delta Grave robbing, a script like never before, with tons of customizability, and features. That can bring joy to your RedM server!



- VORP Inventory


- Add as many shovels as you want
- Add as many rewards as you want
- Chances in rewards
- Different Shovels can boost chances
- Sell Human Parts to NPC
- NPC Blip can be toggled
- Discord Logs for rewards
- Only rob during night time, toggleable.
- Over 270 preset graves
- Digging Animation
- Fully translatable
- Comes with 14 items and 3 shovels, with images.
- Toggleable Law Notifications
- Distance within which police will be notified (Toggleable)
- As many jobs as you want
- Blip can be toggled

The product will be visible in your key master upon purchase, please allow up to 10 minutes for the payment to be processed.

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